Vijay Ramaswamy Images


At San Bernardino

Cows come home

Misty peaks

At the castle of Vaduz

Play time!

Cabins at the top

The classic boat ride

To the Rhine falls

And here it is

The pretty town of Marthalen

Near Alp Flix

Waterfall at Walensee

Foggy horizon

Nice place to toboggan when the snow falls

The path less taken

And the train meanders by the river

Coffee anyone?

Yes please!

As black as the forest can get


Hand crafted

Where the forest meets the town


Window to Berner Oberland

Views to the peaks


The peaks of the Swiss Alps



Lots of work to do

Man made and natural beauties

Where there are cows....

Juan Pass

Asphalt sphagetti

For lack of real ones