Dear viewer:

The world is an incredibly dramatic place. It does not matter what side of the lens you are. Its equally dramatic. One could not have asked for a more exciting means than photography to capture moments as they unfold. See. Feel. Shutter release.

Photography is a culmination of light, moment and a subject; all blending mutually and frozen in a moment. Without each one of them, the words that are married to the image simply doesn't flow. And sometimes, it's not just about letting the image say it's thousand words, but also leaving the viewer no choice but to ask questions and catapult himself back to the moment. To engage the viewer in an experience from the past which is now frozen in an image is an equally important objective of photography.

In the past few years, my lens has taken me several places. The sights and sounds are etched and echoing in my senses, to say they would be perennial would not be an exaggeration. They have taught me critical qualities such as attention to detail, patience and the importance of knowing and understanding one's subject. I feel I am at the mercy of light, in its various forms and elements. It teaches you. It runs from you. It hides from you. But it bares itself in every spectacular way possible to make your image even more spectacular. And to find that perfect light, you need patience. It could be any subject you want to capture. The brilliance in the ultimate image or composition is due to the intricate juxtaposition between the light and the subject.

And when it comes to people photography, the possibilities are endless. True to what world renowned photographer Steve McCurry says, "If you wait, people will forget your camera and the soul will drift up into view," photography has given me goosebumps in some of the images I have been able to capture. Human emotions have unfolded brilliantly after long periods of frustrating wait and delays. Its the reward to the effort. And I truly believe that the rewards of patience are sweet.

The heavy gear that I need to carry on my wiry frame is a bit of a job, but like I mentioned, the rewards of patience are truly sweet. Talking of patience, I truly appreciate your time and effort in browsing through my images and I hope you had a good experience.

- Vijay Ramaswamy




© Vijay Ramaswamy