Vijay Ramaswamy Images

Reed boat, Uros Island, Lake Titicaca

Pink Flamingo

Reed islands, Lake Titicaca

Cusco house

Cusco city

Cusco city

Tourism Carnival


Men in ..errr...

Riot of colours

Street scape, Cusco

Stilts anyone?



Alms in arms

Pink and blue

Lares trail

Camping on Lares trail

Through the mountains

Strategy and civilisation


Cusco city square

Cusco neighbourhood

An easy night shift?

What do I want to be?

Condor bokehs the Andean landscape

Quishuarani lads, Lares trail

Wild horses, Lares Trail


Llamas dot the pastures green

The runner

Walls that tell a story

Holding fort, Machu Pichhu

Machu Pichhu, Peru